Uncategorized Websites and Applications

Yaware.TimeTracker recognizes applications and websites used by the employee and categorizes them automatically.

All the applications that can not be identified by Yaware.TimeTracker automatically go over to the uncategorized section. If any employee uses this app/website, the time spent on it will be specified as neutral.  

It is important from time to time check this section for higher accuracy of data.

To categorise the application/website go to Categorization – Uncategorized applications:8-26-2015 5-33-51 PM

Choose the period during which you haven’t categorised the resources:8-26-2015 5-45-00 PM

If you know which app/website you want to categorise, then use the search box:8-26-2015 5-47-00 PM

Now just choose the applications/websites you want to categorise from the list, simply by clicking on them:8-26-2015 5-49-00 PM

Then choose the category to which you want to move the application/website:8-26-2015 5-53-11 PM

If there is no corresponding category, you can create a new one:8-26-2015 5-55-40 PM

Now just confirm by clicking the “Move” button:8-26-2015 5-18-40 PM

Сongratulations! You have completed categorization of unknown resources. Now you can move on to defining the productivity of the categorized resources. 

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