Sub-pages monitoring

Program Yaware.TimeTracker can monitor not only sites, but also every single page.

For example, you can see in the report, that the employee of marketing department often visits the site But does he spend this time for work or correspondence with friends? You will learn this using the function “Sub-pages monitoring”.

You can enable it in the profile settings:

web Page Monitoring Settings

Rules for adding pages

If you want to know, what exactly is the employee engaged in on a specific site, you need to add this page to the address

How to do it? We’ll show on the example of our site.

First press button “Add new address” and in the opened window enter page address and category (business, design, accounting etc.). After that save changes

add URL for monitoring


Now Yaware. Time Tracker will begin to monitor activity on the page,, and all the rest subpages of the site.

You can also add a specific page for monitoring.

For instance, you are interested in visiting only the page of news tape review Vkontakte (Вконтакте). Add the address and at the next report, you will see, how much time does the employee spend for correspondence.



If you enter the address, which begins with «https://», then the program will monitor only from this protocol. For the program could keep records from all protocols, you should enter page address starting with the name of the domain itself.

For example, instead of

If at the end of the address you will enter a sign «*» (for example,*) it will mean, that the path to the page is incomplete and the program will monitor all pages with the similar address (,, etc.).

You can change address information anytime, but old reports won’t change at these addresses.

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