Set Up The Task Management System

In Yaware.TimeTracker, you can create projects and tasks, assign employees responsible for their implementation, and monitor the progress of tasks.
You can do this in the Projects and Tasks section.

To create a new task/project, click on the “Add New Project /Add New Task” button.

You will see a task/project card where you need to fill in the fields: “Project”, “Title”, “Description”, “Status”, “Type”, “Priority” and “Deadline”.

The new task will be sent to the user and displayed in the Yaware client. The employee will be informed about it via a pop-up notification in the system tray.

The employee will be able to view all the tasks assigned to him or her, leave a comment, and start fulfilling them.

After clicking the “Tasks” button, the entire list of tasks is displayed in the window. You can filter them by priority, type, and status.

You can view information about your tasks in your personal account. There you will see:

  • the task and its requirements;
  • performer;
  • priority;
  • task status;
  • time allocated and directly spent on the task;
  • last comment on the task.

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