Protecting your information is our top priority. The privacy of your data is ensured due to the following measures.

Your Data Belongs Only to You

Information gathered by the service is private and shall not be disclosed, sold or given to the third party.

Access to Data Is Strictly Limited

Only authorized staff has access to the data on the server. Our team continually conducts events targeted towards the improvement of reliability, integrity and protection of your data.

Online Availability

Yaware.TimeTracker online service is available 24/7/365. No lunch breaks.

The Databases of Yaware Are Situated on Servers in the USA

Therefore, they are protected by the USA data protection law

Secure Connection

All data is transmitted via the secure connection over SSL. It guarantees the integrity and security of data transmission between the Web server and user’s software.

The Data Stored in the Database Is Encrypted

Even if a thief tries to hack the database he would not be able to decrypt the files and use the information. The key is stored separately from the database files. Decoding without the key will take years.

Data Backup

Files are backed up every 24 hours.

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