How to Install Yaware.TimeTracker on MacOS

  1. Log in to In main menu select “Add employee → Download installation file”.
  2. In window, click “Download Yaware.TimeTracker Client for Mac” to download yaware-client.
  3. Launch downloaded file. A window with yaware-icon will appear.
  4. Drag&drop this icon to the next folder /Library/Application Support/Yaware
    Yaware installation on Mac
  5. Go to “Applications” and launch Yaware.TimeTracker.
  6. You will see yaware-icon with exclamation mark, click on it and enter the activation code

Важно: For correct monitoring on Web surfing, you must install browser extensions:
for Mozilla Firefox:
for Opera

If you can’t install Yaware.TimeTracker-client on your Mac, allow downloads of apps from any sources while installing Yaware.TimeTracker.
Use the following guideline:

    1. Go to “Finder” – “System Preferences”.

System preferences

    1. Proceed to the tab “Security and privacy”.


    1. In the lower left corner click the lock to make changes.


  1. In a popped out window, enter your password.
  2. Now that the field “Allow apps downloaded from” is active, choose the last option “Anywhere”.


That’s it! Now try to install the Yaware.TimeTracker-client once again.

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