What should you do after Yaware.TimeTracker is installed employee’s computer?

You installed the Yaware.TimeTracker-client on computers of employees whose work you want to monitor.

Names of the users will appear in your account within 15 minutes after installation of the service. During this time, statistics about the work of employees will be collected on their computers and later will automatically be transferred to your account.

After users appear in your account, you will be able to:

  1. Create groups of employees according to the structure of your company, i.e. departments.
  2. Assign managers to the groups, who will be able to:
    • view reports about the work of employees;
    • categorize applications and websites;
    • determine the productivity category of apps and applications for individual employees and groups;
    • receive reports about the work of the staff to analyze their productivity.
  3. Divide resources into “productive,” “neutral”, “unproductive” categories for individual users and groups in accordance with their job responsibilities.
  4. If necessary, enable / disable the screenshots and webcam shots feature.
  5. Set the schedule for receiving reports about the productivity of employees’ work at the computer.

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