FAQ’s for partners

What is the expiration date of my referral link?
The expiration date of the referral link is three months. Thereafter, the link will be deactivated. So if you have a customer who followed your link but during this period hadn’t registered – s/he can become a client of another partner if s/he follows that partner’s link and registers.
How does the Partnership Program work?
After you sign up for Yaware.TimeTracker partnership program, you will be assigned a unique code that will be added to all your affiliate links and banners’ HTML-codes.

You receive 20% of the payment from every customer that signed up for Yaware.TimeTracker using your link.

How can I find potential clients?
  1. If you have your own website or blog – place the Yaware.TimeTracker button or one of the suggested banners
  2. If you are an active blogger – write articles and comments about Yaware.TimeTracker with a link that includes your affiliate code (ID).
  3. If you communicate with CEO’s, HR managers, business owners, offer Yaware.TimeTracker as related service. Moreover, you can offer a 10% discount to the customers that sign up for Yaware.TimeTracker using your coupon code.
  4. Where else to find customers for Yaware.TimeTracker? On thematic forums, social media, and conferences.

Contact us if you have ideas for joint promotion.

How are payments conducted and what are the conditions for them?
The minimum amount on the balance sheet for the payment of remuneration -100 $ (equivalent of the currency in which payments were made by clients). To conduct the remuneration, please contact us. Within 1-2 days we will conduct the payment in a way that’s convenient for you.

We are working on automation of payments and will get in touch with you as soon as it’s possible.

How can I receive my remuneration?
You can receive your remuneration in two ways:

  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
How can I receive my coupon code?
Please, contact us to receive your coupon code, mentioning the discount you want to offer to your customer (10% max). We will send the coupon code on your email.
How is the remuneration calculated if my customer uses a discount?
In this case your remuneration is accrued on the payment minus the discount.

E.g., your client signed up and bought 20 licenses for 6 months, using a 10% discount

The client payed: 20 licenses*6 months*$8-$48(5% discount) = $912
So, your remuneration is $912*10%= $91,2

If my client forgot to enter the coupon code when signing up, can I receive my remuneration?
Yes, if you know that the client signed up for Yaware.TimeTracker following your recommendation send us first, last name and his/her email. His/her account will be related to your partner account and you will receive the remunerations from the client’s purchases.
Where can I see the list and statistics of the companies that I involved?
All the companies that you involved, their plans and purchases are able in your partner account.
What are the rules of participation?
Last revision of the rules of participation in the Partnership Program is located here
I found a potential client for Yaware.TimeTracker? What are my following actions?
You have to register the customer in Yaware.TimуTracker and link him/her to your account.

You can register a customer in the following ways:

1. Affiliate link. Copy the link from the Partner’s account ( tab “Affiliate link”) and send it to the customer by email. The link contains your personal ID and a client who will follow this link to sign up will be automatically linked to your account.
2. Coupon code. Ask the client to enter your coupon code when signing up for. How to receive coupon code.
3. Register the client in your Affiliate account. Select the tab Account > Add an account and fill out the required customer data. Then tell the client his/her login and password (later s/he can change the password).

Important! Your client will receive employee reports on the email that you specify during registration, so it is important that the client could access this email.

4. If your client is already registered and forgot about the coupon code or a link – do not worry. Tell us his email and we’ll link his/her account to your affiliate account.

My client is a busy person. How can I help him to get started with Yaware.TimeTracker quickly?
To get started with Yaware.TimeTracker your client should install it on employees’ computers.

To help with that. you should have access to your client’s account. You can install Yaware.TimeTracker in one of the following ways:

  • via network
  • send email invitations with a download link inside
  • install it remotely (for example using TeamViewer)

Help your client customize the monitoring settings, add employee and assign managers

What informational/promotional materials do you provide and how to get them?
To attract clients you can use the following materials.
Informational materials
Power Point presentation
Promotional materials
1. Banners as adverts on the Internet – you can see the layout and chose the right format in your account, in the tab “Affiliate link”

2. Flyer for presentation to the clients.

3. To obtain the layouts of other printed materials (business cards, banners), please contact us to agree the participation in activities for promotion of Yaware.TimeTracker and use of promotional materials.

Do you provide training?
Yes, we will be happy to tell you about all the details of the service. Please email us and we will discuss a convenient time and a list of questions.

Training is carried out remotely via remote work technology – Skype, Teamviewer, and others.

How to become a partner of Yaware.TimeTracker? (the beginning of cooperation)
Step 1: Registration in the affiliate program

You can register on the description page of the partner program.

Step 2: Get acquainted with the documents

You can read the terms of the affiliate program and the contract for the provision of services on a page with information materials.

Step 3: Signing of the contract

Download the agreement, fill out the details and send us the contract. We will sign the contract and send you your copy.

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