Installation of Yaware through the network (Yaware Network Setup)

Conditions for a successful installation of Yaware.TimeTracker on a computer through the network

To successfully install Yaware.TimeTracker on a computer through the network, make sure to meet the following conditions:

  1. Windows system class Professional and above. *
  2. The user who installs Yaware must have administrator’s authority on the target computer.
  3. Computer’s Service Control Manager (SCM) should be available for the connections from the network.
  4. Administrator’s resource must be enabled (% computername% $ ADMIN).

Non-compliance with these requirements lead to the following errors:

  1. Access denied – user does not have administrator rights on the target computer.
  2. The RPC server is unavailable – no access to the SCM on the target machine (the necessary services Windows workstation service (Workstation) and Windows server service (Server) do not work on the targeted computer). There is also a possibility of block from the firewall.
  3. Can not locate shared folders – administrator resources are disabled or an attempt to install Yaware.TimeTracker on a system class Home.

How to manually check the compliance:

  1. Open the Service Control Manager and connect to the target computer %computername% (Action Connect to another computer) on the computer that has an installed Network Setup.
  2. In Internet Explorer, open the Administrator Resource % computername% $ ADMIN.

Successful completion of these conditions, as well as the successful elimination of arising problems, ensure the successful operation of Network Setup with the target computer.

* Windows Home – is not designed to operate in enterprise networks, and does not include the necessary functionality for this (no administrator resources).

What Is Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup and why do you need this application?

Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup – is an application that allows you to remotely install the client on all computers within the network from the workplace of system administrator.

Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup allows you to delete the client, control its operation, change settings, and provides information about the current version of the client, operating system and the status of the service.

Do I have to install Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup?
No. Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup simplifies the work of the system administrator, but is not mandatory.

Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup is not used for time tracking, you don’t have to install it on every computer within the network.

What are the requirements to the network and operating system for use of Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup?
Currently Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup is designed only for Windows. With its help you can manage client applications installed on workstations and servers running on Microsoft Windows XP or earlier versions.
Are network/domain administrator rights required to use Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup?
First, you need to have administrator rights on the computer on which you run Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup.

Second, each computer on which you install the Yaware.TimeTracker client should have at least one folder in remote access for the record.

Third, the account (user) used to run Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup should have access to the Windows Services, as well as record access to the open folder of the remote computer on which you install the client.

In most cases, a network administrator has all the necessary rights to use Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup.

Is it possible to run Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup using on behalf of another user?
Yes, it is. For convenience, at the beginning Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup allows you to specify the username and password, or use your current account under which the application will be launched.

So even if you are currently working as a user with limited rights, but know the username and password of the network administrator, you can use the application.

Is there a difference for the network with and without a domain?
No difference. For operation of Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup you have to meet the requirements described above. The presence or absence of a domain is not important, but networks with domain usually have one or more accounts with administrative rights to all computers, so the use of Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup in networks with domain can be more convenient.
I have a network without a domain, several computers, and each of them has own administrator’s account. And each account has a different password. Will Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup work?
It will work, but you most likely will not be able to install the client remotely.
Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup should be launched using the account of existing user with administrator’s access to your computer. The same user, with the same password and administrator’s rights, should exist on the remote computer.

If these two requirements and the conditions with access, then you will be able to install the client remotely.

In the case, described in the question, you should create a user with the same name, password and administrator’s rights on all computers within the network and run Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup on behalf of this user.

Which settings of the client module can be changed remotely using Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup and how to do that?
Using Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup you can remotely change the proxy settings of the client, as well as the basic settings of monitoring.

The specified proxy settings will be used by the client until the moment of their change, either remotely or locally with the help of Connection Diagnostic Tool utility, which is installed along with the client.

The basic monitoring settings will be used until the client receives new settings from the server.
To change the settings for the client remotely, you should first specify them in Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup, and then install the client on the remote computer. If the client is already installed on the remote computer, you have to delete and reinstall it. You can delete the client using Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup as well.

My network contains more than a dozen (hundred) computers. Can I install on all of them or a part of them quickly?
Yes, this is exactly the situation for which Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup was designed.

After starting the program, scans the network and displays the list of computers that it includes. Different colors mark the computers that are currently shut down or are running on an operating system other than Windows.

It also displays information about the status of the service Yaware.TimeTracker and if the client is installed, its current version. To install or uninstall the client application on multiple computers simultaneously, mark them in the first column of the list, click the right mouse button and select the menu item.

If a the remote computer is being utilized during the installation process, will the user see the installation window or any messages?
No. During installation, the will not see any windows or messages.

You can notice the installation process by secondary attributes: increased disk activity, CPU usage, etc.

How much time does it take to install the client remotely?
Depending on the speed of the remote system, an average installation of the client, takes from one to three minutes. Yaware.TimeTracker Network Setup can simultaneously perform up to twenty remote installations, thus, even for large networks the whole procedure will not take much time.
How to send user’s log files to the tech support?
To send logs, right-click on the user’s computer on the network, and select:

Get – logs will be sent to the email, you used to sign up for Yaware.TimeTracker. You can view them and then forward to the tech support.

Send to the developer – logs will be sent to the customer support of Yaware.

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