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How to view the statistics
To see the statistics about working time, click on the Yaware.TimeTracker icon in the system tray:

TimeTracker icon

You will see a window with the following statistics:

  • Total worked time
  • The amount of productive, unproductive and neutral time in hours.

statistic window

To view detailed statistics about the work, click on the button “Statistics”.
View statistic button

How to suspend the monitoring for a certain time?
Monitoring can be suspended for a few minutes / hours, or until the end of the day.

To do this, right-click on the Yaware.TimeTracker icon in the system tray. Next, select “Suspend monitoring” and enter the time of suspense.
After the specified period the monitoring will resume automatically.

If you need to resume the monitoring before the specified time runs out, click on “Resume”.

How to send log files?
Log files – is a technical information about the performance of Yaware.TimeTracker on a user’s computer. It helps the technicians determine the reason of incorrect work of application much faster.

How to send log files:

Right-click the Yaware.TimeTracker icon in the system tray and choose “Service” – “Send report”


Wait a few seconds while the technical information is collected:


Next, you will see the confirmation window, where you have to describe the problem you experienced:

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