Yaware client installation

What do I do I can’t install Yaware client?
Make sure the installation is not blocked with antivirus software.

If your antivirus software blocked Yaware.TimeTracker, just add it to the list of safe programs and re-install the service.

Can Yaware.TimeTracker be used without the user knowing about it?
Yes, Yaware.TimeTracker can be used in both open and stealth mode. Stealth mode means employee doesn’t see the service on his/her computer as it doesn’t create any icons on a tray bar. Users cannot stop the app.

We highly recommend that you use the open mode as this is a great way to boost productivity and accountability in your company.

How to install Yaware.TimeTracker in a stealth mode?
You should specify the monitoring mode while installing the service on employees’ computers. You can switch between open and stealth modes at anytime.

Stealth mode. Yaware.TimeTracker does not create icons on the tray bar and do not display an offline activities request form. The user is not aware that his/her time is tracked.

Open mode. A highly preferable mode for not only tracking the time but also boosting productivity and improving time management skills. Users can evaluate their productivity (e.g., total worked hours, ratio of productive/unproductive time) throughout the day on their own.

To install Yaware.TimeTracker in the stealth mode proceed to the Settings menu and untick Display Yaware.TImeTracker Tray Icon.
Display Yaware.TimeTracker Tray icon

Can I quickly install Yaware.TimeTracker on several computers?
Yes, you can do this easily. Just choose between 2 options:
1. You can install Yaware client remotely via Network Setup Utility if you’re authorized to do this. Proceed to the Add employee menu in your online account, then click on Remote installation and choose between 2 options:

  • download the app for mass installation;
  • send system administrator the download link.

2. You can send you employees the download link so they can install it on their own. Proceed to your online account, then click on Add employee and Send invitation by email.

Is it possible to install Yaware.TimeTracker on a server terminal?
Yes, it is possible. Install Yaware-client to the server using an account with Administrator authority.

The service will collect statistics separately for each user who works in a terminal. On the side of a service disconnect (deactivate) users, who no longer should be monitored.

Setting Yaware-client to work on a network
When working with the server Yaware-client uses port 80 for normal (HTTP) connections and port 443 for secure (HTTPS) connections.

If the connection is established through a proxy server, for both types of connection is used the port specified in the proxy settings.

The connection to the server is used by two software modules Yaware.TimeTracker: YaService.exe and YaUpdate.exe. In most cases, it is enough to allow outbound connections to these software modules, for correct functioning of the service.

If your organization has a limited list of available sites, adding https://data1.yaware.com (better * .yaware.com) to it is a must.

What should you do after installation of Yaware-client on the computer?
You installed the Yaware.TimeTracker-client on computers of employees whose work you want to monitor.

Names of the users will appear in your account within 15 minutes after installation of the service. During this time, statistics about the work of employees will be collected on their computers and later will automatically be transferred to your account.

After users appear in your account, you will be able to:

1. Create groups of employees according to the structure of your company, i.e. departments.

2. Assign managers to the groups, who will be able to:

  • view reports about the work of employees;
  • categorize applications and websites;
  • determine the productivity category of apps and applications for individual employees and groups;
  • receive reports about the work of the staff to analyze their productivity.

3. Divide resources into “productive,” “neutral”, “unproductive” categories for individual users and groups in accordance with their job responsibilities.

4. If necessary, enable / disable the screenshots and webcam shots feature.

5. Set the schedule for receiving reports about the productivity of employees’ work at the computer.

How does Yaware-client display the data?
Employees will be able to view statistics about their work by clicking on the Yaware icon in the system tray.

The time allotted with blue hasn’t been sent to the server yet, but over time will be added up to the total worked time.
Yaware.TimeTracker statistic window

Why after installation of Yaware.TimeTracker the username does not appear in my account?
The details of the new user are transmitted to the server in 15 minutes after installation. During this time, the statistics are collected on the user’s computer and will be displayed after the user appears in your account.
How to update Yaware-client?
The client updates automatically
How to uninstall Yaware.TimeTracker?
For Windows: Yaware-client is uninstalled like any other program via the “Control Panel” – “Add or Remove Programs”.

For Mac:
Option 1

Right-click on the Yaware.TimeTracker icon in the system tray. Select Preferences. In the settings window of Yaware.TimeTracker click Uninstall.

Option 2

Open System Preferences. At the bottom of the window there is a list of additional software settings, including – Yaware.TimeTracker. Click on the Yaware.TimeTracker icon, in the window that opens, click Uninstall.

Option 3

Go to the directory / Library / Application Support / Yaware TimeTrackerUtil.app and run it. Or run the command / Library / Application Support / Yaware / TimeTrackerUtil.app / Contents / MacOS /./ TimeTrackerUtil through the terminal.

For Linux:

The following commands uninstall Yaware.TimeTracker:

1. Deb-based system

The command: sudo apt-get remove yaware

2. Rpm-based system (ALT Linux, ASP Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux)

The command: sudo yum erase yaware

3. OpenSUSE

The command: sudo zypper rm yaware

Which operating systems does Yaware.TimeTracker support?
Yaware.TimeTracker officially supports the following operating systems:

Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE. Support of graphics systems – Gnome, KDE

Mac: version of Mac OS 10.5 and higher

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