Group working time dynamics

The report allows to compare the performance of departments during a specific time period.

1. Log into your Yaware.TimeTracker account:Login_form

2. Click “Reports” – “Dynamics”. Select the report “Group working time dynamics”:

9-3-2015 4-24-16 PM

3. Click the “All groups” filter to choose the department whose data you want to see:9-3-2015 4-27-40 PM

Now choose the period for which you want to see the dynamics. You can either specify it in the filter or choose the custom date in the calendar:

9-3-2015 4-29-44 PM

If you have employees who work on weekends, check the “Consider weekends for average” to include the weekends into dynamics:9-3-2015 4-31-29 PM

You can also compare how productive, unproductive and neutral time changes during the selected time period. For that, click on the “All Productivity filter”:9-3-2015 4-34-51 PM

This is what the customized report looks like:9-3-2015 4-40-07 PM

If you choose several departments for comparison, each department will be marked with a color for easier understanding:9-3-2015 4-42-18 PM

If necessary, you can toggle the time labels. You can still see total worked time for a specific day by pointing at it:9-3-2015 4-43-56 PM

The report also contains the following dynamics:9-3-2015 4-45-16 PM

The Average per period dynamic shows the average time worked during a selected period.

The Average per day dynamics shows the average time worked on each day of a selected period.

That’s it! Now you can analyze the dynamic of departments’ time quickly and effortlessly!

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