How to manually install Yaware.TimeTracker on Linux?

Can’t install Yaware-client using the installation script?

Follow the guideline:

1. Download the client for Yaware

2. After installing the package do the following:

  • Download the installation script from your account 2.
    Download client window
  • Open it in text editor.
  • At the beginning of the text find:
    ACCOUNT_KEY= «55a7613c7d8fd1b7e725e06e1f956а34-138402837»
  • create the file of the key. In this case create the file /opt/ywtracker/bin/config.ini with access 666.
  • In the file write the following lines:

    [General] accountKey=**************

    where instead of asterisks, enter the key of your account ( ACCOUNT_KEY ).
  • Save the file.
  • Reboot your system

3. If you need to update Yaware.TimeTracker, then add the then add the repositories to the list of system’s repositories:

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