How to install Yaware.TimeTracker on Linux?

1. Fill out a registration form
2. Download Yaware-client for Linux from your personal account, which will take you immediately after registration.
download Yaware-client3. Open a terminal emulator and navigate to the directory in which you want to download Yaware.Terminal emulator window4. Start Yaware installation script

Depending on the operating system, install Yaware.TimeTracker the following ways:

Debian based:

Run the installation script and enter the administrator password: sudo sh ./

Yaware install script part1
Yaware install script part2
Yaware install done message
Reload the client. To do that run the command: ywservice -t && ywservice

RPM based:

Open a terminal and log in as the root user using the command su. Then enter the administrator password and press Enter

Run the script using the command:
sh ./
Install Yaware with RPM

Reload the client by running the command:
ywservice -t && ywservice

After installation, some systems run Yaware-client under the user root. To check this, open the form of statistics and see which user data is collected.

Terminal emulator window

If it is collected for root / , shut down the client using the command: ywservice -t and log out from root. Run the client normally using the command: ywservice

After installing the Yaware client, you must install browser extensions:

Why do I see the names of the browsers(Firefox, Chrome) instead of the URL in my account?

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