Flexible timetables

Monitoring Mode is a setting that allows you to set the time at which Yaware Time.Tracker will automatically select, process, and store all activity that users do on their computers.

For choosing the best decision for your team, enter your account settings – monitoring settings.

There are 3 monitoring modes: full time, fixed and shift.

Full time schedule – the program will record all user activity on the computer around the clock. Choose it when your employees don’t have fixed work hours.

Fixed schedule allows you to record activity on certain days and hours. For example, the activity can be recorded daily from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. Thus, if you use a PC during these times, the program automatically saves it.

Pay attention! With such settings, user activity that is before 9:00 or after 18:00 will not be recorded.

To set a fixed schedule, select the days and hours of monitoring and save the settings.

Shift monitoring schedule is good for companies that work on 2/2 days or 3/2 days mode (or etc)

To set this mode, specify the start date of the launch, note the principle of the best proposed squares and select the monitoring hours.

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