Definition of terms

User activity
Applications and websites utilized by a user on the computer.


A process of assigning category to a certain website/application

Uncategorized applications
Applications and websites undefined by Yaware.TimeTracker. Should be assigned to one of the categories  for more accurate reports.

Productivity of an application/category 

A characteristic that shows if using certain application or website is effective according to the user activity type.

Productive time

Use of applications/websites related to work

Unproductive time 
Use of applications/websites not related to work

Neutral/uncategorized time 

Use of applications/websites that can not be defined by a system or if it’s difficult to determine their productivity

Active users

Users being monitored (statistics about their work can be viewed in the account)

Inactive users
Users that are not being monitored. A user can be made inactive by an account manager if there is no need to continue monitoring. If user limit is exceded when a new user is added he will get to Inactive users list.

User Groups

A group of users according to the organizational structure of the company (by department, project etc).


A person that has an access to a group statistics, can change productivity and view reports.


Personal account of user of Yaware.TimeTracker. It’s a place where you can view reports, invite users to categorize applications, etc.

Active users limit

Maximum number of users that can be monitored due to subscription plan. New users will get to Inactive users list.


A period when statistic about user is collected.

Type of subscription: Trial

Free subscription with no user limit. Used to get acquainted with Yaware.TimeTracker.

An application that is installed on user’s computer and sends collected data to the server via secure protocol. Can work either in open or hidden mode.

Yaware.TimeTracker network setup utility

A program used to install Yaware.TimeTracker-agent remotely within local network.

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