What is “productive” time?
Productive is the time during which an employee carries out the direct job obligations and uses work-related resources.

The productivity category of the same application or website might vary for different departments.

For example:

  • social media is a productive workspace for a marketer;
  • messengers and chat apps are essential for sales managers;
  • HR-managers use recruitment websites and email a lot.

At the same time, all the apps and websites mentioned above are unproductive for accountants, web designers and web developers.

You can create individual settings for each department and assign the productivity category accordingly.

Learn more about categorization here

What is “neutral time”?
Neutral is the time:

  • during which the employee uses resources that are occasionally needed;
  • employees use the applications/websites that are not in the database of Yaware.TimeTracker (you must categorize these resources manually).

An example of a neutral working time – instant messengers and chat rooms, as employees can use these resources to communicate with colleagues and business purposes.

What is “unproductive” time?
Unproductive time – the time during which an employee is not working and uses it for personal purposes:

  • absent from the workplace: breaks, smoke breaks, lunches.
  • uses distracting or non-work-related applications and websites.

You can include browsing the social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter), chatting on Skype or Hangouts and other entertaining websites to the unproductive category.

Exception – marketers, which use the resources listed above for professional purposes.

Is it possible to categorize all the selected application as “productive” or “unproductive” at once?
Yes, it is. This feature is provided in the section “Categorization”.

In the list of uncategorized websites and applications select multiple links by holding down CTRL and clicking on each app/website you want to categorise. Then move the selected application/website to the productive/unproductive category.

This way you can quickly categorize applications and websites.

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