Comment installer Yaware.TimeTracker sur Linux Ubuntu 13.04?

Step 1: Download setup file. To do this, login in your account. In main menu click « Add employee -> Yaware.TimeTracker Client ». Click button « Download Yaware.TimeTracker Client for Linux » 2
Download client window

Step 2: Go to the directory where the script was downloaded and open terminal window.

Step 3: In terminal window run chmod +x
Ubuntu installation - step3

Step 4: Run shell script sudo ./

Put sudo password to start yaware installation.

Install Yaware on Ubuntu - step 4

Step 5: It asks You « Do you want continue » press « Y » or « y » and press « Enter ».
Step 6: If you want to read manual for downloading applications for browsers, press « Y » or « y » and press « Enter » key
Install Yaware on Ubuntu - step 5
In status bar You’ll see Yaware.TimeTracker icon. This means that the monitoring has started successfully.
Install Yaware on Ubuntu - step 6

If Yaware.TimeTracker icon not showing, then put this code in terminal window
ywservice -t ywservice

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