Rating of unproductive employees

The report shows a rating of employees according to the amount of time spent unproductively. Using this report you can detect unproductive employees within your company, find out the reason for their inefficiency and eliminate it.

Note: some resources that employee uses for work purposes may be unproductive by default, or productive for one department and unproductive for the others. Consider checking the productivity status of apps and websites from time to time for higher accuracy of data.

1. Log in to your Yaware.TimeTracker account:Login_form2. Go to Reports Rating Rating of Unproductive Employees:

the rating3. Click on All Groups to specify the department for which you want the data to be displayed:8-5-2015 12-32-06 PMYou can choose All groups, a specific department (e.g. Marketing) or several departments for comparison just by clicking on them:8-5-2015 12-36-37 PM

4. Click on All employees menu to see the data by a specific employee or a group of employees:8-5-2015 12-38-52 PM

You can select All employees, a single employee or several employees by clicking on them:8-5-2015 12-42-26 PM5. Click on Custom period menu to specify the period for which you want the data to be displayed and choose the appropriate option:8-5-2015 12-47-55 PM

You can also customize the date by choosing it from the calendar:

8-5-2015 12-50-28 PM

6. You have successfully customized the setting of the report. Now just view the data:

8-5-2015 12-52-55 PM

7. If necessary, you can also export the report to XLS, CSV or PDF:8-5-2015 12-56-18 PM

Now you can analyze the data and undertake actions to improve employee productivity!

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