How to calculate salary in Yaware.TimeTracker?

To activate the function, follow the instructions:

1. Open «Timesheets»

2. Click on the «Calculate/Hide salary»

3. After reloading the page, pay attention to the new columns

Rate — the employee’s hourly pay, which is set in the form of user editing (see below);
Salary — calculated salary;
Currency — a monetary unit.

If after pressing the button «Calculate/Hide salary» there are no new columns, you need to clean the cache. For example, press a combination Ctrl+F5 for Google Chrome.

How to set the employee’s hourly pay (Rate)?

1. Open «Active Employees»

2. Fill the form and press «Change»

3. Updated information will appear in the «Rate» column

The program automatically calculates salary — the number of worked hours is multiplied by the rate.


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