Group Hierarchy

This option lets you build a hierarchy of groups according to the inner structure of the company.

To create a hierarchy go to “Employees” – “Groups”:9-4-2015 5-14-03 PM

Click on the button “Add new group”:9-4-2015 5-21-59 PM

In the popped out window enter the name of the group and choose employees whom you want to include to the group. Choose the type of group – root group or subgroup. If you chose subgroup, then mention its root group. E.g., you`re creating a “Billing department” subgroup, which relates to “Finance” group:9-4-2015 5-25-50 PM

Now click “Submit”. The created group will immediately appear on the list:9-4-2015 5-29-31 PM

The hierarchy will depict in every report, to let you view the statistics of each department and make it easier to analyze the data: 9-8-2015 3-47-31 PM

Manager editing: give access to groups and subgroups

To assign a manager to the group, so s/he could analyze the performance of employees and receive email notifications, move to the tab “Managers”:9-4-2015 5-35-43 PM

We created the subgroup for the Finance department, the manager of which is John Thorn:9-4-2015 5-38-43 PM

Click the following button to edit the information about a manager:9-4-2015 5-40-43 PM

In a window that pops out click on “Allowed Groups”“Finance” and check “Billing”. And then click “Submit”:9-4-2015 5-40-56 PM

Now John Thorn will be able to view the reports of the Billing subgroup.

User editing: specify his place in the hierarchy

If you have a new employee, and you want to assign him/her to a group move to the “Active employees” tab:9-4-2015 5-48-09 PM

Click the button “Edit Employee”:9-4-2015 6-03-40 PM

In a window that pops up specify the group to which you want to assign the employee and click change:9-4-2015 6-06-23 PM

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