By real-time activities

In this report you can analyze your team’s real-time activities.

Report “By real-time activities”

1. Login to your Yaware.TimeTracker online account.

1. Login_form

2. Click on Reports → By Real-time activities.


3. Click on All groups to select the group for which the data will be displayed:


You can select all groups, several groups or a single group, (e.g. Accounting) just by clicking on them:


4. Next, click on All employees menu which displays all employees from the group you selected above:


You can select all employees, several employees or a single employee just by clicking on the appropriate names:


5. Now you can view the reports:

  • as a diagram:



  • as a grid:


*All reports are displayed on a single page, just scroll it down to check out the format you need.

You’re done – you’ve successfully set the report “By real-time activities”.

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