How to set up Bitrix24 integration?

Attention: follow the steps clearly in the order indicated in the instruction

You can set up Bitrix24 integration. This is how.

  1. Check the email address of each user, indicated in the contact information in Bitrix24, with the email address specified in Yaware — they must be the same. Or delegate to employees to compare their own data.

  2. Open your Yaware.TimeTracker online account and choose «Projects&tasks» -> «Integration»
  3. Press «Connect» in the Bitrix24 window.
  4. Open Bitrix24 and copy your company’s address.
  5. Return to your Yaware account and paste company’s Bitrix24 address. Click on «Save»
  6. Click here, go to Bitrix24 and add an extension to integrate tasks.
  7. Read the instructions and create a webhook in Bitrix24. It allows you to import future tasks automatically.
  8. Press «Check connection» in your Yaware account.

    If you completed the previous steps correctly, the number of tasks will appear here.

    Attention: the absence of the number of tasks means that you have not installed the Yaware.TimeTracker application or have done it incorrectly. Return to step 5 add an extension.
  9. You will not be able to import tasks again. Check the chosen period and make sure that you intend to download correct tasks.
  10. Click «Start importing task», read the note and press it again.
  11. Go to the «Projects&Tasks» ->«Tasks». When the import process is complete, there will be a project Bitrix24.

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